Thursday, 27 September 2012

In a moment of whimsy I decided to create a Santa Claus costume for Sylvanian Village. I fancied that this would allow you to enjoy a Christmas night in your Sylvanian homes. The pattern shown above is made with 2mm needles, therefore easy for non-miniaturists to source needles, and red, black, white and brown yarns of thin 4ply and finer. The boots are joined to the trousers, so avoiding them being lost. Santa's beard is made in a very simple manner and tied around his head under his hat, and is very effective.
The pattern (as are all others) is available from my website, and Etsy, Ravelry, Ebay, Folksy and HobbyBuddies - (search with Sylvanian Families).

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I have a pattern "Pretty Frocks" which gives several dresses for Sylvanian ladies of various sizes. Now and then I have knitted dresses shown in the collection and put them up for sale and they have been very popular.
I have made the design up in bright red and yellow yarns, and in a dusky green vintage wool. The green wool is a 1930s Fairisle spun wool inherited by myself and as a little girl I can recall my Mum wearing the jumper. She gave me the bag of left-over balls and am delighted that collectors have asked for this version. Fairisle yarn in those days was thinner and smoother and makes a delightfully soft frock. I sell the dresses on my website and from time to time on Ebay and Etsy.