Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Echo from the Past - a 65 year old Knitting Pattern Still Lives

I had a lovely message by email this week from someone who had been browsing Pinterest which featured a pattern from my new Etsy shop "BygoneYarnyStuff".
"I found your website from Pinterest, as I found a lace pattern sweater pinned by, I think you. It is from the August 9, 1952 Women's Weekly, short-sleeved."
The writer went on to mention that a partially knitted sweater, from that pattern, has sat for over 20 years in a trunk in a barn on the side of a a mountain in Africa. Before that, aparently. it had probably sat for 3 decades in her mother's knitting drawer. The writer started to finish it when her family came to Ireland, but her tension was different from her mother's and it was very obvious after a single pattern repeat.
Unfortunately, the torn out pages from the Womens Weekly with the pattern that were with the partial sweater, are in tatters.
My correspondent when on to say, "If I could buy a copy of the either the pattern, or the magazine, I'd redo the sweater from the beginning."
Poor old sweater - all those years in a trunk! The pattern is beautiful and well worth knitting today. I wonder if she continued with the old yarn or bought new!