Monday, 18 September 2017

Splitting 4-ply into 2-plies - is it worth the effort?

I had a query from an Etsy-customer this week. She asked me.
"I was thinking about splitting my 4 ply wool to make 2 ply have you done this before unsure of easiest way"

I responded: "Yes I have, several times. 
"The two-tone trousers for Mad Hatter were a 4-ply tweed split. Unravel a couple of metres and hold the remainder from undoing by spearing ball with a needle. Pick two and two strands and hold up high to allow ball to spin and unravel the 4-plies. 
"It appears to me that spinners first join two ends and then join the pairs to make 4ply. If you are lucky you pick the right pairs to un-spin, so if they tangle and hesitate you should select the alternate pairs and try again. It's not easy; you have to unspin a couple of yards and then wind up each pair again. I roll them up over each hand in tandem as I go. You can lean out of an upstairs window or over the bannisters to get a longer length. Then you have to re-spin the 2-plies. I have a spinning wheel which helps no end. 
"Alternatively, use a couple (or three) of strands of embroidery threads held together - they are around 9m long - pull them out from the centre not the end or they too tangle. 
"Hope that helps!"