Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Young Designer

A young blogger, Emily,, from the Westcountry of England, wrote to me this week with pictures of her own designs. She told me, "I didn't know someone shared such an interest like I do! I have been knitting clothes for my sylvanians such as Christmas jumpers and so, I have attached an image for you to look. ( im not a pro ;) ) I have added your patterns to my christmas list- so fingers crossed!
Emily xx"
Emily, who has just finished her GCSEs, shared her stories with me.
Emily, how lovely to hear from you - I am delighted to read your letter. Your little clothes are delightful and I see you also, like me, have a Santa!
I sent Emily a copy of  one of my patterns, so she doesn't have to wait for Christmas.
Emily's blog is emilys-sylvanian-families.blogspot.co.uk/
Her stories are well illustrated with lots of  photos of her Sylvanian town and their inhabitants, who are all well dressed and leading very busy lives. Thanks Emily for sharing your blog with me and telling me about your designs.