Saturday, 7 November 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I received a commission through Etsy to make a set of pink socks and a matching cardigan. I sent them to my buyer a few days ago and received the following story:

"They are for my sister - she had a little sylvanian rabbit that she always carried in her handbag since being tiny. She was very badly mugged in L... a few weeks ago and was badly beaten up - they stole her bag and so she lost her little rabbit. I decided to replace it but to also get it some clothes and you will have really really made her day- they are absolutely gorgeous and I'm so grateful to you."

That letter gave me a very warm feeling.

I used size 1.25mm needles for the socks (from my Boots and Socks designs) and 1.5mm needles for the cardigan; the thread was a soft crochet cotton. The cardigan is to be found in my Rustic pattern leaflet, but I added a couple of rows of moss stitch, a plain knit row and a reverse stocking stitch row at the hem to create a little more interest.
The needles are very thin, and would not be found in your average wool shop. I stock them on my website and sell them in pairs. They are manufactured by a well-known German manufacturer.

If you would like a special outfit knitting, from any of my published designs, please enquire. I once had a commission from the USA to make one of everything for her daughter - that took a lot of knitting and I often think of the little girl playing with my outfits.