Friday, 6 November 2009

I begin knitting ...

A few months ago I needed an hobby for a few weeks of enforced rest. What should I do? I considered reading (I didn't need to be THAT still) and writing (but I'd just finished a 2-year career as a freelance journalist and really wanted a change) and so I thought I would return to my long-time activity of knitting.
After several pairs of socks, I needed a new project and decided to knit clothes for some of the members of our Silvanian clan who looked decidedly naked after rather rough handling by youngest grandchildren. I no time at all I had a few dresses and trousers.#
"Oh, good", commented husband. "Now you can start using up the trunk full of wool you inherited from your mother!" But more interestingly, grandchildren loved the new clothes. I sent a selection of 9-year-old Estella in Sussex, and her mother told me that she opened the package, squealed with delight and ran up to her Sylvanian world, not to reappear until suppertime.
I knew I had a winner.
So I started making a range of clothes to fit all the sizes of families, and wrote the knitting instructions. I made each item several times, checking the details and sizes, simplifying the directions until I was happy with the result. I too was delighted with the finished pattern, to be named Rustic, as the style of the clothes was decidedly rural.

"You need a website", I was told, so I set about building one. It took a lot longer than I anticipated as the webbuilder I chose worked in an unusual way and the html it generated was very complex - very different from my first website which I wrote in Notepad some fifteen years ago.

So was born - and is growing each week. Do visit it, please, so that my stats can begin to climb.

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